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Mar 28, 2018

Today in the Watchtower, we welcome back Jeff Stormer. Jeff is the host of the Actual Play podcast, Party of One, and the world-building brainstorm podcast, All My Fantasy Children. Each week, All My Fantasy Children brings Jeff together with Aaron Catano-Saez as they take a listener prompt and transform that prompt into a living, breathing character that adds to the world and drives their co-operative narrative forward. Every time I listen, I walk away with new tools in both my improv and creative writing toolbox.

Blue Beetle, 2006 Series

Blue Beetle Radio Show


Party of One Episodes

The Bite w/ Rich Howard

Our Radios Are Dying

Project: Wingspan

Dungeon Crawl Classics

Jeff on One Shot

Scoundrel in the Deep

Rich and Jeff Competing on Geek Wars

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