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Sep 20, 2017

Today in the Cave we have part two of the discussion with Kat Kuhl. I’m honored to welcome one of my industry heroes. You know that feeling where you can’t tell if you’re excited or nervous or both? That’s me right now. Kat Kuhl is the co-founder of the One Shot Podcast Network and game company Paracosm Press, as well as being the Gamemaster behind the brilliant Star Wars Actually Play podcast, Campaign. I’ve been running and playing roleplaying games for coming on 40 years and every time I hear Kat run a game or play as a guest in one I learn something new. Luckily for us, Kat also happens to be a huge fan of the Titans and shares my love for one of the cornerstone mini-series in Titan’s history.

Check out the One Shot Network HERE and Kat's Twitter HERE.

Tune in to hear Rich geek out and then stick around and listen to everything Kat has to share.

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Thank you all, and stay whelmed.

Produced by: Neal Powell