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Oct 18, 2018

Today in the Watchtower we welcome Lucas Brown for Part 2 of his discussion. Lucas is the mind, and mixologist, behind the pop-culture podcast, The Math of You. On the Math of You, Lucas invites guest onto the show to discuss the formative media of their youth. Aside from being a podcast filled with nostalgia, it is also fascinatingly insightful. We live in time of human history where media of all kinds informs our lives, personalities, and identities. The Math of You treats that reality with both joy and respect. There’s also personal drink recipes. Mine’s called the Red Tornado.

The Math of You:

Twitter: @themathofyou

Lucas: Twitter: @lokified Instagram: @lokified

Supplemental Material:

Tiki Bar TV (podcast):
The Everleigh (bar):

A Spot At The Bar: Welcome to the Everleigh (book):

Discworld, by Sir Terry Pratchett

Ronin (1998 film, starring Robert DeNiro and Jean Reno), specifically this opening sequence:

The Viewpoints technique of Improvisation, as developed by Mary Overlie, among others (my experience was through improviser David Razowsky):

Usagi Yojimbo (comic):

“Grasscutter” (Vol. 12, Usagi Yojimbo):

A perfect Usagi Yojimbo page:

The Legend of Korra (TV Show)

The Lies of Locke Lamora (book):

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