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Nov 23, 2016

Hello team! Welcome to the first in another series of bonus episodes...Discussions. In this series, we bring a special guest into the cave and talk about topics that relate to Young Justice as an entire series. Because of that, there are spoilers for both seasons everywhere. Consider yourself warned.

Our first guest is the fantastic Darcy Ross. Beyond being a wonderful person, she is the catalyst that started Whelmed! You can find Darcy on Twitter here and read her writings on Gnome Stew here. She is also part of ConTessa, which you can read more about here. Thanks for coming on the show Darcy!

Stay tuned, team. Episode 4 is coming out on Friday and the Secret Origins episode for Aqualad will be out in 2 weeks. 

And since this episode is airing the day before Thanksgiving, you all deserve a second helping of thanks for the love and support that you have showered on us and this podcast. We would not be doing this if it wasn't for you. Thank you all for talking to us and sharing your love of Young Justice. Thanks to everyone for streaming, binging, and talking about this great show. Because of your dedication, we are getting season 3! And of course, thanks to the people that made Young Justice and gave us something so amazing.