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Oct 28, 2016

Here it is! The official first episode of Whelmed, the Young Justice Files! Yay!

We are kicking things off with a double length podcast where Rich and Caleb talk about the pilot episodes of Young Justice. Depending on where you look, these are Independence Day part 1 and part 2, or Independence Day and Fireworks.

Crashing the Mode runs from 1:03:11 to 1:11:32. In this segment, we discuss Easter Eggs and flat out spoilers for the entire series. If you want to experience the amazing story twists and turns as they happen, please do not listen to this segment of the podcast.

With everything to cover in this podcast and our extreme level of excitement, our outline of points to cover suffered a little and some rambling tangents did occur. As we move forward, we settle into our pacing and create a solid structure for further podcasts.

Our fan service for this episode is the video S H A T T E R E D on YouTube. Be aware that it contains content from both seasons of the show and many spoilers.

Thank you all for your support! We are thrilled to be launching this podcast! There is so much in store for the future. Stay tuned for amazing interviews, bonus episodes, and a few surprises.

Remember to #keepbingingYJ and stay whelmed!