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Jan 20, 2017

Hello team! Welcome to episode 12!

This week, we discuss Alpha Male, a very fun episode. Make sure to listen for Sleepy Rich and French Rich. Darcy Ross shows up again and Caleb gushes about his love for Wolf. We also dig deep into our roots of tabletop game advice during our Canary Debrief. Speaking of which...

The show segments are as follows:
Hello Megan - 1:32
Mission Briefing - 2:21
Feel the Aster - 6:58
Canary Debrief - 17:22
Crashing the Mode - 27:01 to 32:26

Our Fan Service this week is another fantastic AMV by gtgrandom. This time, it's set to Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Watch it here, and please remember that AMVs do contain spoilers. 

Lastly, there are two quick corrections to note from this episode. At the time of recording, we had not yet heard about Season Three, thus our speculation about it. This episode was also recorded before we started conversing with gtgrandom herself (sorry about that incorrect pronoun use in the show) and will be featuring Erica very soon in our Discussion series.

Stay tuned next week for the conclusion of Quinn's Discussion!