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Nov 11, 2016

Hello team! Episode 2 is coming at you! 

In this episode, Rich and Caleb talk about Welcome to Happy Harbor the third episode of Young Justice. Or it might be the third if you count the pilot as 2 separate episodes. It's comic books folks. The continuity gets confusing.

This is the one episode that Rich isn't completely happy with, so be prepared for that.

In this episode, we start the formal show segments. Our structure gets better as we move on, so get ready to watch us develop our skills! As always, Crashing the Mode does contain spoilers, so be aware and skip them if you want. The time stamps are as follows:

Hello Megan - 1:30
Mission Briefing - 3:03
Feel the Aster - 8:22
Canary Debrief - 27:46
Crashing the Mode - 30:27 to 75:55

The Fan Service for this episode is the Young Justice Needs a Season 3 Facebook group and the Titans Together Facebook group.

Of course, that first group might need to change its title, because season three has been officially confirmed! Because of this, we are changing to a weekly release schedule. You'll get new review episodes every Friday with bonus Secret Origin and Interview episodes every other week (day to be determined).

Thanks for listening, team, and stay whelmed.