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Jun 16, 2017

Hello team! Welcome to Episode 29 and our discussion of S02E05 – Beneath. This is a really great episode of the show and there's a lot to talk about, so let's get to it!

Would you have felt the need to justify the need for an all-male squad for a given mission? I think not! On to the show!

The episode segments are as follows:

Hello Megan - 2:24

Mission Briefing - 3:49

Feeling the Aster - 9:41

Canary Debrief - 28:36

Crashing the Mode – 33:08 to 44:20

Our Fan Service this week is: Fictional Female Podcast---the podcast that brings fabulous fictional females to the forefront. Every week, Cheyenne and Diana discuss a different female character, diving into what makes her interesting, the role she plays within her narrative, and the role that her narrative plays in our larger world of stories.

When it comes to DC, they’ve already covered Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn, and by the time this episode comes out my guest appearance talking about my favorite alien cheerleader, Miss Martian will already be out. So go listen to them on itunes or their website:

Emily’s guest episode:

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Thank you all, and stay whelmed.