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Dec 16, 2016

Hello team! Welcome back to the cave. This week, Rich and Caleb discuss Downtime. Make sure you listen for one of Caleb's favorite comedic moments in all of Young Justice. And check out Rich making references to two completely different shows while discussing the opening scene.

The segment break down for this episode are as follows:
Helo Megan - 1:33
Mission Briefing - 1:48
Feel the Aster - 9:37
Canary Debrief - 22:51
Crashing the Mode - 33:03 to 41:44

The fan service this week is the AMV set to Halo as created by Yuki No Ouji Sama on YouTube. It does contain spoilers for the entire series. If you still want to watch it (and you should), it can be found here

Stay tuned next week for a bonus Discussion episode about diversity in Young Justice and our regular episode where oh so much happens.