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Dec 30, 2016

Hello team! Here is our discussion of Targets. This episode of Young Justice is a little different than what we've seen so far, and it elevates the series to a new level of quality. Be sure to listen for Caleb loving on both Lex and Conner for very different reasons. And Rich points out a detail that Caleb has missed until just now when he discusses one of the biggest spoilers of season one.

The segment breakdown is as follows:
Hello Megan - 1:38
Mission Briefing - 3:20
Feel the Aster - 11:39
Canary Debrief - 23:28
Crashing the Mode - 27:22 to 38:23

Our Fan Service for this week is the song Ring Capacity by Kirby Krackle. You can listen to it on YouTube here

This is our final episode for 2016. Thank you all for such a great few months! Stay tuned for a special announcement. Next year has a lot in store for us, and we still have season three to look forward to! Stay whelmed everyone!