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Nov 22, 2017

Hello Team, welcome to the Watchtower, and welcome to the blooper reel for Season 2. It’s me Neal, Producer Neal, that future spaceman whose voice you occasionally hear and that guy the Team references.

As you can imagine, not everything goes quite as smoothly as the finished product that heads out into your ears each week. So rather than let those wonderful moments go to waste, here are some of the edits that hit the floor brought to you in sequential order, because anything else would make my head hurt to organize. My personal favorites will be anywhere you here “Neal, you can cut all of that.” But then I didn’t!

But, that’s enough of me rambling, let’s hear other people actually rambling, stuttering, flubbing, and suffering through that wonderful place called the War World.

As always, thanks for listening and all your support. We appreciate each and every one of you more than we can express. If you have a moment to add some additional support, a rating and review on iTunes or your pod catcher of choice would help immensely. And if you have the ability to support us monetarily, we have a Patreon here

Thank you all, and stay whelmed.

Produced by: Neal Powell