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Nov 7, 2018

Welcome to the Watchtower and welcome also to Season 2 of “Secret Origins”. In this series I will be diving into the history of the main characters in Young Justice, heroes, supporting cast, and even the villains.

Today we will be discussing fan-favorite Batfam member, Batgirl, in as many of her iterations as I can manage.


In addition to the origin issues mentioned above, there are a few great Batgirl stories I’d like to recommend.

  • Of course we’ve already recommended the Stephanie Brown run of Batgirl from 2009-2011. Make sure to check those out.
  • On Wings: Birds of Prey issue #8. Nightwing and Oracle on a date. That’s it. No supervillains, just them. For those fans who didn’t see the relationship between Dick and Barbara (aka “Maneuver 7”) coming in the final issue of the tie-in comics, stories like this are for you.
  • Batgirl Mini-Series from 2008

That wraps up our first episode of Season 2: Secret Origins. Next time we will be discussing one of my favorite Titans, who has a power very close to my heart. Changeling: Known to pretty much everyone else as - Beast Boy.

Thanks so much for spending time with us.

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As always, stay whelmed, everyone