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Dec 6, 2018

Welcome back to Whelmed Reprints. It’s the Holiday Season here in the States so we’ll be taking some time to spend with our families and to get ready for Season 3, premiering on January 4th, 2019.

With Whelmed Reprints our team will be picking a few of our favorite episodes to bring to new listeners. And our second reprint is another 2-part Discussion I revisit over and over again.

Morgan Jenkins, Dungeon Master and creator of the Going in Blind Actual Play podcast, came on to discuss the critical skill of engaging your watchers, readers, and players by getting them to ask the right questions. At least that was her original idea. Morgan’s insights into how to incorporate all your senses into your prose, scripts, and games is inspired. As you’ll hear, Morgan is charming, insightful, imaginative, analytical, empathic, and hilarious. Every time I hear her on a podcast I feel like I’m being snuggled in a warm, geeky blanket.

We hope you enjoy today’s double-length collection and your upcoming holiday season.

Stay Whelmed everyone.