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Dec 27, 2018

Hello Team.

Welcome back to Whelmed Reprints. It’s the Holiday Season here in the States so we’ll be taking time to spend with our families and get ready for Season 3, premiering on January 4th, 2019.

With Whelmed Reprints our team are picking a few of our favorite episodes to bring to new listeners, and I wanted to end 2018 revisiting what turned out to be a life-changing interview. For me.

In other news, we have just over a week until Season 3 airs! It’s finally here. The first three episodes of Young Justice Outsiders airs on January 4th, with 3 episodes releasing weekly for two more weeks, and 4 episodes releasing on the last Friday in January. So how does that unique release schedule affect us? Practically there’s no way we can do 3 of our Whelmed-style deep-dives per week, so what we’ll be doing is this (and shout out to Ben Schwartz for helping us think this through). The week after each Friday release, we are going to let ourselves off the hook as fans. Emily and I will be discussing the episodes with a slight change to our regular format. We’ll be doing very short mission briefings, with a heavy emphasis on our Feeling the Aster segment. Canary Debriefs will be skipped during these geek-outs and since we will have no material to spoil, any major speculations on what’s to come will be couched in our “Crashing the Mode” segment in case we happen to be right. We’ll continue to have our Fan Service segment as well, so please feel free to tag us on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook with fan art, AMVs, cosplay photo shoots, and more.

Then, after the mid-season finale, we will return to episode 1 and dive in with the perspective of all 13 episodes under our belt. This will allow us to release reviews of part 1 before part 2 airs in June 2019. In addition we have a lot of bonus episode material lined up including Discussion Sessions with cast, crew, and fans; a list of new Secret Origins; the inevitable romantic arcs to feed Super Sweethearts; and a few other surprises. So starting the second week of January, you’ll be getting new episodes from us at least once a week.

As for today, we hope you enjoy today’s double-length collection and your ongoing holiday season.

And remember:

Smoochie moments are important.