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Sep 25, 2019


Today in the Watchtower we welcome, Shanely Samboy. Shanely is a law student at APEC University in the Dominican Republic, where she’s also been participating in Model UN since her first year of high school. Shanely has also attended model UN conferences, such as the International Conference of the Americas and The...

Sep 18, 2019

Hello Team,
Today in the Watchtower we are joined by Greg Bishansky. Greg is the host of Spectacular Radio - a podcast celebrating The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, reviewing it as fans and bringing in Greg Weisman and other cast and crew members to provide extensive behind the scenes stories to document the...

Sep 12, 2019

Hello Team,

Today in the Watchtower we welcome, Taylor Montgomery. Taylor graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in criminology and criminal justice, and outside of that great accomplishment, she’s also an avid Young Justice fan on social media. And, more recently, she’s become a YJ fanfiction...

Sep 4, 2019

Hello team! Welcome to Scream Something Vol. 9 for our Aster filled discussion about Season 3 Episodes 24-26. This is a really great episode of the show and there's a lot to talk about, so let's get to it!

Producer’s note: My body was not ready for the finale!

The episode segments are as follows:

Hello Megan -...