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Oct 24, 2021

Hello team! Welcome to Scream Something Vol. 10 for our Aster filled discussion about Season 4 Episodes 01-02. This is a really great episode of the show and there's a lot to talk about, so let's get to it!

Producer’s note: Season 4!

The episode segments are as follows:

Hello Megan - 1:12

Mission Briefing –...

Oct 16, 2021

Today, we have a very exciting episode planned, because this is the second of our Special Patreon Guest Episodes. Today in the Watchtower, we welcome Michael Greenway, one of our top tier patrons. Michael is, of course, a big fan of Young Justice, and at the generous Patreon tier at which he has chosen to support...

Oct 2, 2021

Today in the Watchtower, we welcome Samwise Gamegee. Samwise is the Accessibility Director for the TTRPG actual play Twitch channel Chromatic Chimera, as well as a member of the TTRPG actual play group No Initiative. You can hear them play in multiple actual play shows across the internet including “Quest the Soaring...