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May 24, 2017

Hello team! Welcome to Discussions, our bonus episodes where we bring a special guest into the cave and talk about topics that relate to Young Justice as an entire series. Because of that, there are spoilers for both seasons everywhere. Consider yourself warned.

Today in the Cave, finally, someone I became an enormous fan of because of my own show! If you’ve listened to our Fan Service, you’ll have heard this name many times. GTG-random (aka: Erica Gallegos) has created many of my favorite AMVs based on Young Justice, Dick Grayson, and DC comics. From Shattered, Demons, Lost Boy, Young Stars, Renegades, What I’ve Done, and a brilliant tribute to both seasons of YJ we will talk about in detail in a few minutes.

Check out all of GTGRandom's amazing AMV's here on her YouTube Channel

Tune in to hear Rich geek out and then stick around and listen to everything Erica has to share.

As always, thanks for listening and all your support. We appreciate each and every one of you more than we can express. If you have a moment to add some additional support, a rating and review on iTunes or your pod catcher of choice would help immensely. And if you have the ability to support us monetarily, we have a Patreon here

Thank you all, and stay whelmed.