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Jan 18, 2017

Hello team! Welcome to Discussions, our bonus episodes where we bring a special guest into the cave and talk about topics that relate to Young Justice as an entire series. Because of that, there are spoilers for both seasons everywhere. Consider yourself warned.

Today, we are thrilled and proud to welcome Quinn Wilson from the Swallows of the South podcast to the cave! Quinn is a talented improv performer and a fantastic part of the tabletop gaming community. He also has a wealth of information about language and its impact on storytelling in general. He's here to talk to Rich about Young Justice and how it uses language through the entirety of the series.

This is also the first two part episode here on Whelmed! Stay tuned next week for the conclusion of this brilliant conversation.

Special thanks to Quinn himself for volunteering his time and helping us out by editing these episodes.

As always, thanks for listening and stay whelmed!